Swordfish Studio can breathe new life into your business. From design to video, we deliver real to reel communication.

Stress Less, Soar More

We help our clients reach their full potential through inspired work.

A New Sunrise

"I knew it was time to make a change," said Jeff Baird of Sunrise Reiki Colorado, "and then you showed up."

Teriyaki Transformation

Natural Native Chef "can't believe the way the whole concept came together." Watch its sauce be rebottled.


Let's Soar

Take a look at how a Soar Your BrandTM Business Uprising can benefit you and your business.







Wave Makers

A sampling of services that help you break through the surface and rise above ordinary

Signature Videos

We distill your product/services in an essential, compelling way.

Testimonial Videos

Let your clients and customers do the talking.

Moving Logos

Your company image comes to life when your logo is animated.



From concept to execution: We'll help you catch a phrase and land it.